About Verdant Software Development

Verdant is a dynamic software and web development company based in Hobart who have been providing robust, scalable and flexible solutions to the public and private sectors for over 10 years. Verdant has a significant history in providing sophisticated web and mobile solutions using .NET, PHP, MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Our work in the mobile space began before the prolific rise of smartphone and tablet usage – we were developing tablet and smartphone applications for customers well before the iAge! This experience has transferred over into the new environments which exist today, and we are proud to say we work with cutting edge technologies on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 systems.

Verdant are an established Tasmanian company, with a solid financial history, who can provide a high level of support on an ongoing basis. Our staff are experienced in developing and supporting complex and critical business systems, with excellent delivery and response times. Our referees will attest to our commitment to quality and customer service. To date, the company has delivered complex business solutions to a varied number of industries and sectors within Tasmania, Australia and Overseas.

Our management team brings technical, business analysis, systems analysis and project management skills to all projects, large and small. Our technical team brings together many years experience in successfully providing solutions to clients.


Mobile, Web & Desktop Applications

Verdant has been involved in the mobile application space for over 5 years. We have developed applications for the private and public sector, on almost every mobile platform to have been released.

Our experience and dedication to quality leads us to produce usable & beautiful applications which drive our customers businesses forwards.

One area we love to focus in is integrating an application into a custom back-end database.

This lets us work with your business data to provide you, your staff or customers with the perfect tool to get the job done.


Here at Verdant, we believe in tailoring our solution to fit your business needs.  In some cases that may mean a targeted approach on one platform; on others it may mean targeting as many platforms as possible, to bring your products and services to the widest customer base possible.

Here are some examples of platforms/technologies which we develop on:

iOS (iPhone & iPad)


Windows Phone 7

PHP/.NET/.NET MVC/SQL/MySQL/Ajax/jQuery/CSS/HTML - These web technologies have been mastered by our specialists! We love creating usable websites & web applications using the latest and greatest web technologies.

Responsive Design - This lets us code one website, which anyone on any device can read easily! (Try viewing this website from a phone!)