Medscope: Expert System


At the heart of the system is a knowledge base that contains over 1000 cases of past medication review data. The system has over 1000 rules associated with the current cases stored in the knowledge base. The system is dynamic such that the knowledge base will grow over time along with the number of associated rules. The expert system approach used in MRM is similar to those expert systems that have been used by pathology services in Australia for over 10 years. Administrators that manage the knowledge base have a custom interface to maintain the rules and cases stored in the knowledge base.


  • This system has been design to support accredited pharmacists in the analysis and reporting of potential adverse medication interactions.
  • The system has been developed as a web service and can be readily integrated into a number of health information systems.
  • The system can also be used as an educative tool for pharmacists to learn more about the medication review service.
  • The platform under pinning this system could be ported to another health setting given access to appropriate data and expertise.
  • This system is maintained centrally and could be used by anyone with an Internet connection.