Robbies Confectionery: Mobile Sales Application

Over the last three years Verdant have developed a number of systems for Robbies Confectionery – improving efficiency and customer satisfaction across the board.  All of the projects involved deep integration with their current business system, and all three solutions have been custom-tailored to provide an optimal user experience while delivering accuracy and functionality.


eBLAD is a customised mobile sales application that has specifically been developed for the Wholesale industry. The eBLAD system negates the need for sales people to carry around piles of product information and marketing material at all times. eBLAD supports the sales staff by providing all sales and product information in one electronic package that can be managed centrally. Sales staffs are able to provide product, sales and marketing information about all products. Multimedia can also be used to enhance the sales experience.

The eBLAD system has a automated sales order system that is based on a 3G wireless Internet broadband connection to send sales orders through to accounts in real time. Sales staff are also able to download customer information in real time. Verdant have deployed the eBLAD system on Motion Computing’s F5 Windows based tablets. These tablets support the ability for sales staff to bar code scan products with one hand.

The eBLAD system provides the sales force with all product / customer information at their finger tips. All information is central managed at one location at head office. Any specials or promotional information can be created centrally and disseminated globally in real time. The eBLAD system saves significant time in the management of products, promotions and sales and marketing information. All sales orders are received in real time and can be directly linked to backend ERP systems. To date the eBLAD system is integrated into the Exonet ERP system. eBLAD has the potential to be integrated into other ERP systems. The system has been developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Picking System

Robbies had a clear need for a system to help their warehouse pickers accurately pick stock – this would help both in the accuracy of orders, the accuracy of error reporting and the automation of stock-level-tracking.

The picking system was a custom developed handheld picking application developed to work specifically with Motorola MC-75 handheld units. The mobile application has been developed to integrate fully with MYOB Exo ERP system to facilitate the “scan picking” in a large wholesale warehouse. The picking system supports, manual picking, scan picking, substitutions and checking functions. As a result of implementing the picking system pick errors have reduced dramatically. The need for dedicated pickers and checkers has changed so that there are more pickers than checkers.

The efficiency and accuracy of scan picking has dramatically improved workflow processes at our client facility. The system was developed on Microsoft’s CE programming platform and integrated directly with Microsoft SQL databases. It utilises a web service communication layer.


Robbies Website – Ordering Online

Verdant developed Robbies’ new website for them – delivering an enhanced user experience and allowing Robbies’ customers to, for the first time, order their products online when they needed them – no longer are they reliant on a sales representative to order for them.  The website differs from a standard eCommerce website in significant ways; as its users differ from standard customers.  Searching is quick, easy and intuitive, without needless redirects, and all product pages allow any items to be easily added to the order without unnecessary confirms or pop-ups.   This allows the Robbies’ users (themselves a store owner), to quickly build a large order of many products with differing quantities, yet still allows for quick access to advanced details of individual items when needed.

Built using ASP.Net MVC + Ajax technologies running from a SQL back-end, the site is a shining example of how modern technology and intelligent design can create optimal user experiences while providing robust functionality.  You can have a look for yourself at