Tassie Store: Online e-Commerce Portal

Tassie Store Pty Ltd commissioned Verdant to develop a personalised e-commerce site to sell unique Tasmanian products. Rather than develop the site from scratch Verdant assisted Tassie Store in the evaluation and adaptation of a well proven platform Verdant then customised the base platform to Tassie Stores exacting standards. Verdant also configure the on-line store to be mobile friendly with minor modification.  This eCommerce site is unusual as it  supports multiple suppliers each having their own personal logins for maintenance and configuration. The site facilitates multiple ePayment systems options for the owners to implement. The site is easily maintained by the owners of Tassie Store who are self proclaimed IT beginners. This project has been an interesting one for Verdant as the time frame for design, development and implementation has been quite short. We look forward to working with Tassie Store into the near future.