Edupro: Mobile Optimised Website

The EduMob application is a ubiquitous mobile website that can be rendered on all the latest major smartphones. The unique mobile website expands access and interaction with the EduPro eLearning organisation. The mobile website gives conference-goers an opportunity to answer their questions right then and there, while attending the conference, improving pass and retention rates.

The eLearning site provides a convenient highly interactive eLearning platform to assist industry associations manage their members professional development program delivery. The system has been utilised Australia wide and provides a cost effective, efficient method for individuals to manage their professional development.

Built using a cutting-edge combination of .NET and jQuery Mobile, the mobile website shows that functionality can be provided across a wide range of mobile devices without sacrificing quality or costing the earth. By developing a mobile website instead of a native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry) application, the solution provides the best value for money without having to worry about maintaining multiple applications for each platform. If you’d like to know more about the differences between native applications and mobile websites, check out our blog post on the subject: Mobile Website or Native Application – Which should you have?

Check out EduPro here, or to see the mobile website in action (requires an EduPro account), simply head to from any mobile device.