RallySafe: Tracking and Control

For the last six months, Verdant has been proud to work closely with Status Awareness Systems, a Tasmanian based company who have been astounding the world with their unique approach to rally safety.  Rally presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to tracking and timing cars, as the location of the rally itself is often very remote and hard to cover with any kind of technological access.  By combining a car-to-car, short-wave radio approach and a car-to-race-control, satellite based approach, Status Awareness Systems have made RallySafe a unique and invaluable product on the world rally scene.


Verdant stepped in to help design and develop the race control and public views of the data.  Our work covered reception of the satellite messages, decoding and decryption of the messages, storage and retrieval systems, and public and private (race control) views of the data.  RallySafe is now in use in the Australian Rally Championship and the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, giving safety and tracking information to competitors and race control officials.  The system is showing its durability and accuracy race after race.  If you’d like to know more, check out the links below.

RallySafe Website
Asia-Pacific Rally Championship
Australian Rally Championship